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Clean data, effective marketing strategies

Data Scrubbing is also known as data cleansing. This is the process of identifying incorrect, invalid, obsolete, incomplete, and outdated information from a database and ensuring that the dataset is correct, current, and complete. Companies and organizations with large databases have to spend a lot of time and money in doing this resource-intensive work. They can get custom data scrubbing services by outsourcing this function to a service provider who can guarantee data security.    

Contact’s Corporation is an certified service provider that brings qualified and experienced data scrubbing specialists working correctly for you. As part of data scrubbing services, we remove wrong, inaccurate and irrelevant information, correct spelling and typing errors, add missing details, duplicate match entries, purify and confirm data and verify the data. Our specialists work carefully to improve the quality of your business record, which helps you gain valuable insights, make strategic decisions, and reach the target market on time.

Keeping a comprehensive database cannot mean much to your business if the information contained is incorrect or inaccurate. As one of the top data clearing outsourcing companies, Contact’s Corporation will optimize the power and marketing and sales efforts of your database – resulting in an increase in investment for your marketing activities.

If you have come across any of these complaints or something similar, you need data cleansing services:

The email address doesn’t exist

The company was sold

The wrong phone number

The manager has left the company

Services We Offer Are Different Types Of Email Appending Services We Offer Are:

  • Reverse Email Appending
  • Business Email Appending
  • Consumer Email Appending
  • Phone Appending
  • Contact Appending
  • DUNS Number Appending

  • Job Title Appending
  • SIC& NAICS Appending
  • Postal Address Appending Services
  • Social Media Profile Appending Services
  • Phone Appending Services

Why Choose Us?

At Contact’s Corporation, we provide high-quality data scrubbing services in the management of our database to support data-intensive organizations such as banking, retail, insurance, transportation, and telecommunications. With an optimal mix of talented professionals, advanced technology, and tried and tested methods, we help you maintain a clean database. Our employees can efficiently manage all aspects of data scrubbing and data cleansing, ensuring that this is error-free and up-to-date. They can manage your customers, partners, business records, and much more data. We help format, classify, modify, change, organize, delete, and correct the collected information in many data areas. When you outsource data cleansing services to Contact’s Corporation, we help your databases create channel efficiently and prepare better-targeted sales and direct marketing campaigns. We improve all irregularities in the data, update the old and obsolete data, examine the relevant integrity check, organize the mailing lists, ensure continuous attribute names, and provide data for the more useful data to our customers.

Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing forces the process of recognizing and improving the wrong data and information in a database. Dirty data may come into the picture if and when the incomplete, false, incorrectly formatted or duplicate records are keyed in. While providing database scrubbing services, we, atContact’s Corporation, have got the opportunity to work with many data-intensive businesses in the field. Identifying and redressing issues related to finance and banking, market research, telecommunications and media, retail, insurance and healthcare, legal, publishing, education, transport, data quality, and cleaning information stored in their database. We ensure that your product catalogs, mailing lists, parts, and content files are cleaner, accurate, and complete, which enable marketers to target their campaigns better.