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Use Email Lists that are functional, flexible, reliable, cost effective and credible. Do you know, there are almost 196 countries in the world? Because you have such a big market to cater, it is obvious that as marketers, it will not be possible to actually direct your campaigns to all in the same way. Putting in efforts to send emails to all without considering the fact that who is potential to convert and who is not, you will have to let go more than half of your efforts. Here, since you may be looking for email lists with potential clients as per the geographical requirements, we at Contacts Corporation are to help you with potential geo-targeted email lists. We help you with data on the following criteria:
  • Country-Wise Email Lists
  • State-Wise Email Lists (with zip code)
  • Industry-Specific Lists Targeting Geographies
  • B2B Geo-Targeted Email Lists
Geo-targeted Country-wise Email Contact List: Geo-targeted Region-wise Mailing Address List:
  • Asia Business Executives Emails and Contact Data
  • European Business Executives Email List
  • Middle East Business Executives List
  • North America Business Executives List
  • South America Business Executives List
  • South Africa Business Emails and Contacts Data
  • Oceania Business Executives List
  • Asia Pacific Countries Business Executives Email List
  • Middle East & North African Business Executives List
  • Latin American Business Executives List
  • EMEA Countries Business Executives List 

    Data Selects Offered By Geo-Targeted Email Lists

    Full Name Company Name Email Address
    Job Title Phone Number Mailing Address
    Fax Number Industry Company Website
    DUNS Number SIC Code NAICS Code
    NAICS Code Revenue Size LinkedIn Profile
    Why use Geo-Targeted Mailing Lists Since the globalization has taken place on a vast scale and got the world to be one, it is tough for businesses to survive in just a local market. Considering the fact that you need to be a prominent leader in the global market as well, having Geo-targeted mailing lists will help you reach potential clients swiftly. Our lists aid the companies to reach executives throughout the world in Canada, APAC, Europe, UK, etc. You have good content and a template for your email campaigns, it is equally important that they reach to the right audience ultimately enhancing your returns. Hence, Geo-targeted mailing lists at Contacts Corporations shall help. Make the most of your email campaigns partnering with Contacts Corporation. Small investments are worth making when they have a huge potential to generate big returns. Connect with us today!