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Searching for tools and strategies to make the most productive marketing campaign is an ongoing process. With the increasing databases of customer data, a huge requirement to sustain potential clients, marketing automation has come up as a huge requirement for the success of businesses and marketers. 

What is marketing automation services? Let’s find out!

Marketing Automation services represent a software to help you with all your repetitive marketing requirements. For example, sending emails, automated messages on social media, etc.  Marketing automation is seen to be growing and holding a huge hype nowadays because it does not just simplify or lowers down your efforts but also builds the potential for your business to grow heavily.

The marketing automation services help the business marketing teams with a tool that will help you with anything and everything related to scoring and prioritizing your leads, profiling, and interacting with the most potential leads.

Having discussed the huge potential of marketing automation, one should also be aware that it automates solely the marketing section of a business. However, if you complement automated marketing with customer relationship management (CRM) tools, you are likely to enjoy automation in both marketing and sales. Both automated technologies, when work together build the potential to achieve business success faster. The integration in the past has proved to get you deeper customer connect, better analytical score and a high number of conversions.

Considering the connect of CRM and marketing automation, the two help enhance your sales in terms of the shorter sales cycle and high-quality leads at the same time.

Before you opt for the marketing automation process, here’s what you need!

Just like the pros and cons every technology consists of, marketing automation too faces obstacles that evade the potential of marketing efficiency. For instance, extraneous content, appalling contact data, poor strategy, inadequate marketing and sales orientation, etc. to get away with these shortcomings, marketing automation requires additional ingredients to reach marketing perfection:

These include:

  • A well-organized marketing database

One needs to have a well set up database with complete information on customer behaviour and interactions. The initial foundation will help the automation work the right way.

  • Support for the marketing engagements

One needs to have the conditions set up that help in automated performance and control of marketing endeavours on all platforms for succeeding lead development.

  • Well-developed analytics support

One must have the tools and rightly calculating methods to optimize or measure the returns on marketing investments.

Would marketing automation help grow your business?

The marketing automation is not about handing the large data that big companies possess but has also proved effective for small and mid-sized entities. Its capability to build real-time leads and marketing approach focused towards most potential leads makes it an application worth using among both B2B and B2C companies.

Take your business to a new high with Contacts Corporation. We offer marketing automation services that shall benefit you with:

  • High-quality marketing with potential conversions
  • Enhanced sales productivity
  • Better lead comebacks
  • Short sales cycle
  • Strengthened brand name
  • Quality customer relationships
  • Higher sales opportunities and turning them into actual conversions
  • Time and money savings
  • Assistance from experts

If these benefits are something that you’ve been seeking for, then capturing Content Corporation marketing automation services is the right choice to make. We assure you an ROI friendly automation tool for your company.

Facts about marketing automation

The adoption of marketing automation in the previous two decades has grown immensely. It has grown over 11 times since 2010.

Statistics show that while 37% of companies have been very successful in adopting marketing automation, the rest 67% of companies have too have been really successful in adopting automation marketing strategies.

The two valuable features of automated marketing have been the lead nurturing strategies and analytics and reports.

Features of marketing automation

The major features of the marketing automation technology that successful business point and we assure you are:

  • Tracking visitors
  • Scoring and grading your leads
  • Real-time alerts on sales
  • Lead nurtures
  • Integration of business websites with CRM
  • Email campaigns on a larger scale
  • Analytics and reporting

Progressive profiling

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